Nutrition and diet tips for the elderly

Food and nutrition are important at every stage of the human life. And as we age, the need for healthy food habit gains far more significance than before. We become more vulnerable to age related illness and

Dating with Herpes: Your Social Life isn’t Over

Discovering one has genital herpes is not an easy thing to deal with. Most people think their social lives are over because they’ve contracted an incurable sexually transmitted disease. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

The Discovery of the Toxicity of Asbestos

The link between asbestos and lung cancer has been well established. This link has led to regulatory actions in the United States and throughout the world to reduce or eliminate the use of asbestos-based products in commercial

How to Get Ripped Without Even Leaving Your House!

Most people think that in order to get the chiselled body you desire – you need to shell out tons of cash. Those people are wrong. The truth is, you don’t need to break the budget with

Use of chemicals in Pharmaceutical industry

Despite its late appearance in the history of chemistry, the chemistry of carbon compounds is currently the branch of chemical science that grows faster. The range of carbon products can be virtually unlimited due to the unique

How E-Cigarettes Could Improve Your Health

The growth in popularity of e-cigarettes has continued to surprise onlookers. In today’s society, traditional smoking has a lot of detractors. Increasing tax and legislation have meant that the prospects for the tobacco industry look to be

How to get updated on these latest Dental treatments

Dentistry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the health industry. There are lot of new inventions and advancements happening in these processes. You have to be really updated about all latest advancements to ensure that

Tips on How to Prevent Accidents at Work

Employers have a duty to protect you from accidents and injury at work, but you have to take responsibility to your own actions too.  If you are concerned about the dangers at work there are steps you

Community Health Education: Creating Empowered Patients

One of the most dangerous assumptions people make about the health care system is that it’s fail-safe. Patients have access to a wealth of information thanks to the Internet, but so much online information is confusing or

4 Unexpected (But Awesome) Benefits of Regular Exercise

For some, exercise is an enjoyable hobby that keeps you fit and allows you to de-stress and unwind after a hard day; while to some, exercise is a cruel and unusual punishment for eating that extra burger